About Us
As a Metaverse construction service provider, MetaEstate selects renowned Metaverse platforms to participate in parcel transactions, construction, etc. Currently, MetaEstate mainly invests in the Decentraland, Sandbox, and Cryptovoxles, with the number of cumulative associated parcels exceeding 500 and the amount of cumulative associated investments exceeding RMB30 million. MetaEstate's major services include Metaverse construction, parcel recommendation, marketing, and subdivision and will launch financial services such as parcel mortgage in the future.

MetaEstate has built several regional fund towns, GameFi-based towns, art zones, MKEA furniture cities, etc. in CV, attracting over 30 partners including TRON, CryptoArt, STCloud, etc. Additionally, ME will make buildings on Sandbox and introduce leading companies and international organizations to DCL.
Sergei Medvedev
| Managing Partner of Cryptomeria Labs
Sergei Medvedev, managing partner of Cryptomeria Labs, said, "Metaverse and Gamefi is the most important direction for our investment and global incubation. The metaverse requires both patient management and careful service and the MetaEstate team is good at this. We are excited to work with MetaEstate in the future to discover and service great metaverse program."
Omer Ozden
| Founder of RockTree Capital
"We hope to further collaborate with the MetaEstate team to discover more outstanding metaverse program while better serving the metaverse ecosystem we have invested in building," Omer Ozden, founder of RockTree Capital, told Cointelegraph.
Simon Li
| Founder of Kirin Fund
"Southeast Asia is currenttly the most active region in the gaming and metaverse space. With the Kirin Fund base in Singapore, we will assist MetaEstate to intergrate the relevant resources in Southeast Asia and grow rapidly," Simon Li, founder of Kirin Fund.
Pan Liu
| Managing Partner of Capital6
Metaverse has opened a new door to the world with unlimited opportunities and possibilities behind it. Metaverse service providers have lowered the barrier of entry to this world and strengthened the eco-activity, thus facilitating more people to come and visit and strike gold", said Pan Liu, managing partner of Capital6.
Cao Yin
| Managing Director of the Digital Renaissance Foundation
"We are particulary bullish on the business opportunities for digital space developers," said Cao Yin, managing director of the Digital Renaissance Foundation, adding, "Having previously participated as a general partner in initiating an investment in Republic Realm, the world's first digital real estate developer, we invested this time because we saw more possibilities and market coverage for digital space development in MetaEstate. This investment is because we wee more possibilities and market coverage for digital space development in MetaEstate. Digital is real, the consensus is faith, the metaverse is open to all, and MetaEstate will become an important builder of the digital world".
| Co-founder of MetaEstate
Jackey, co-founder of MetaEstate, said, "MetaEstate is an international team covering the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia and China. Crrently, we selectively serve Decentraland, The Sandbox and Cryptovoxels, and in the future, we will explore more metaverse program and establish deep cooperation with them to provide more comprehensive and high-quality services and create better content on the metaverse."